Sella Natasha

I began to be interested in interface design when I was still a junior high student. Back then, I decided to customize my own blog since I couldn’t find the template that I exactly wanted among the available ones. It’s an interest that stayed with me all through high school and my university days as a design student.

Now, more than ten years later, I’m happy to say that I am living the dream. Yes, I love what I do (which is designing interfaces)! I strive for pixel perfect designs and the best thought-out interfaces.

In my core, though, I am a creator. I cannot not create. There is just something magical about producing something which doesn’t exist before and seeing it comes into existence because of you: nice interfaces, cute illustration, bright patterns, etc. I also enjoy making DIY stuff and stringing a couple of words together to form a story.

Simply put, I cannot not create.

I also love making lists, so allow me to present you with:
Seven Random Things About Me

1. I love words and stories, so very much.
In fact, it’s very possible for me to like songs based on their lyrics.

2. I also love bright colors and cute doodles.

3. My ideal future house is the one with super secret room(s) in it!

4. You can sometimes find The Doctor as a user under the pseudonym of ‘John Smith’ in my mock-up designs.
It’s my personal in-jokes.

5. I still can’t bring myself to watch the final season of ‘Gilmore Girls’ and some other TV series, because when I finally do, then it’s officially over.

6. I wrote the following on February 2009:
“I want to concentrate either in web design or stationery design after I graduate.”
And it still amazes me how this statement stays true and I’ve managed to fulfill both in some capacity.

7. One of my life’s mottos is: “Collect Experiences, not Things.”