Sella's Journal

Name Doppelganger

So, the story is, a couple of days – or is it already a week? I cannot remember, honestly – ago, a stranger messaged me out of the blue on LINE. The content of the messages was awfully specific, calling me with a nickname I never had, talking about things I never heard about.

I replied, saying, “Sorry, you’ve got the wrong person.” then simply thought nothing more of it, because, hey, misdirected messages happened all the time, and it’s so easy to mistype someone’s number wrongly.

However, tonight, as I was randomly Googling myself (because that’s what you should do every once in a while in these times we live in, okay?), all my social media accounts popped up as expected. All mine but one.

And, yeah, that’s how I discovered my name doppelganger. With the exact same name combination and spelling(!). It’s a bit eerie because I used to consider my name to be quite unique. (For reference, the common misspelling includes Stella, Sheila, Shella, or Sela. And Natasya, Natassa or Natasa.)

But, clearly, I was wrong.

And then I realized something: My LINE User ID is also under sellanatasha.

No wonder the sender of the message sent it (wrongly) to me. She or he must saw the ID and thought that it’s her/his friend’s and went right away, adding and messaging me instead by mistake.¬†Oops.

I guess this also explains all those strangers who add me by my LINE User ID.

So, yeah, to the other Sella Natasha, sorry, but I’ve obtained that ID, several other social media accounts, and most importantly this domain, first. It’s beyond crucial for an interface designer, so maybe I’m not really that sorry. Sorry about not being sorry. *grins